All About Us - We're small in size, tall in experience...

We come prepared with ambitious ideas, suggestions, solutions and services. We do not pretend to have all the answers and so we partner with some of the brightest companies and individuals in the small business arena... and we do not hesitate to reach out when required.

Incorporated in 1995, the company's expertise is in telecommunications systems, computer networks, programming, information systems and computer services. We have completed or been involved with multi million dollar GIS software application development and implementation projects for some of the largest telecommunication firms in North America including, Bell Canada AT&T, SBC, Bell Aliant, MT&T and Rogers Telecommunications.

We have the unique ability to grasp new and existing technologies, view features and benefits and tailor solutions to suit the needs of clients and reduce the unique business pains they face. With us small businesses experience the same level of support, expertise and reliability, that large corporations enjoy.

We are a company dedicated to providing proactive solutions and through preventive solutions we enjoy fantastic relationships with our customers, so much so that we become a part of your team focused on providing solutions and services designed specifically for your unique business needs.

We are your team of IT professionals — serving the GTA, for over 12 years, we have been providing reliable support for small businesses in the GTA. We focus primarily on small businesses, accountants, lawyers and other professionals by designing IT support plans to fit the unique needs of each.

When you hire KRS Multimedia Solutions you hire a team of experts with numerous years in the field. We ensure that the best IT consultant is matched with your company’s needs in order to provide stable, reliable service.

Our clients benefit from the 3-Step IT Relief Plan we call “PCHELPDESK”, a Managed Services package we designed to address the anxiety and frustration many of our clients have experienced thanks to unexpected IT problems that result in unexpected costs. We really think you're going to love PCHELPDESK, to learn more about it, and to get a free 30-day trial, click here!

GoogleTM Apps for Business is our platform of choice and we find it embodies all the principles we feel are important, simply, smarter, better and affordable. Many small businesses and organizations have found the need to go beyond the basics and implement advanced features within Google Apps. In doing so these companies have taken advantage of our expertise as a Google Apps Reseller. We've invested in people, time, and resources to become expert in providing specialized services for Google Apps, here, are some of the ways we assisted businesses like yours succeed with Google Apps for Business.